Dancing with Saturn with Jen Bradner & Sally Thomason

  • Delta Groove Yoga 2091 Madison Avenue Memphis, TN, 38104 United States

Saturn in traditional mythology represents Father Time, the stern taskmaster who returns every 29 years and never lets us stop the clock or redo our past mistakes. All too often we fear what we perceive as his dark influence. But rather than fearing Saturn or trying to sidestep his message, we can learn to dance with this marvelous teacher and understand his cyclical nature, which mirrors the patterns of all human growth and development. The lessons from Saturn help us create the future we long to enjoy. Join us in ritual, storytelling, and manifesting our best lives in a two-hour workshop led by Jen Bradner, Transformative Business & Spirituality Coach, and Sally Thomason, Ph.D. in Holistic Aging, teacher, author and Yoga practitioner for over 20 years.

$20 Pre-registered by May 27 / $25 Drop-In

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