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Love Letters to Existence with Diana Owen

  • Delta Groove Yoga 2091 Madison Avenue Memphis, TN, 38104 United States (map)

"Gaia, the beautiful, rose up, broad-blossomed,

She that is the steadfast base

Of all things.

And fair Gaia first bore

The starry Heaven, equal to herself,

To cover her on all sides and to be

A home forever for the blessed Gods." -Hesiod

When we know the stories from whence we came, we can more directly relate to the way in which we came to be in this present moment. Our context for Be-ing.

Gaia, the Greek goddess of earth, was born from Chaos. Chaos, needing no mate, continues to give birth to realms of existence. After Gaia, Chaos gave birth to the underworld, then the sea, and then came Eros: Erotic Love. In her sleep, Gaia gives birth to Uranus. Uranus is the Universe, who emerges as big and powerful as Gaia. Uranus, literally bursting with love for Gaia, showers her with fertile rain and this is how Gaia gives birth to the rest of creation, seas, mountains, etc.

As parents, we birth universes. As children, we embody them. As sisters and brothers, we support, teach, and foster growth. This web and these stories make up the framework of our reality. Without these stories, life becomes dull and confusing, muddled in a multiverse of stars, rocks, and gasses. Who are we and where did we come from? What does your soul know about these stories?

In this Earth Day workshop, we will dive into guided meditations and mythology that shaped world culture and creation stories. With a practice to bring our own stories to the surface, this workshop will have a kundalini kriya to stoke our creativity followed by multiple meditations and inward journeys to find our own connection to LIFE.

How are you grateful to our planet for her support? How can you express your love in practice and in writing? Join us to find out.

$20 Pre-registered by April 21 / $25 Drop-In

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