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Rooting a Meditation Practice in Genuine Wellbeing

  • Delta Groove Yoga 2091 Madison Avenue Memphis, TN, 38104 United States (map)

In this evening introduction to Delta Groove Yoga's Beginner's Mind, Body, and Chi meditation immersion training, we will investigate the relationship between our conative intelligence* (motivation), genuine wellbeing, and self-cultivation.

We will begin by opening our bodies and vitality by practicing chi kung forms from the lineages of Master Junfeng Li and Master Mantak Chia. Then move into meditations taught by Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Dr. Alan Wallace. Throughout the process, we will bring focus to the role that conative intelligence plays in the efficacy and sustainability of our meditation practice.

This will serve as an introduction for the 14-hour Beginner's Mind, Body, and Chi Meditation Training. Enrollment in this training is not required to enjoy and benefit from this evening. Those registered for the full Meditation Immersion Training may attend this workshop free of charge.

*Conative intelligence, a term coined by Tibetan teacher Dr. Alan Wallace, is the intelligence of motivation, orientation, and intention.

**Spots are limited.

$20 Pre-registered by Feb 15 / $25 Drop-In

Anand Parikshak is a poet, activist, meditation teacher, and martial artist. As an Indian-American, Anand was first taught meditation and posture from his father- the son of a yogi and Vedanta educator. Inspired by a connection to nature, Anand took a personal interest in meditation during his teens. Since then, he has trained with many notable meditation instructors including Dr. B. Bayard, Master Junfeng Li, Master Mantak Chia, Dr. B Alan Wallace, Zen Roshi Jan Chozen Bays, and H. H. Satya Sai Maa. Anand takes his greatest inspiration and teaching lineage from his mentor, Dr. B. Bayard, with whom he has trained in Taoist meditation, Chi Kung, and Tai Chi Chu'an intensively since 2007.

Anand is skilled in the forms of Yang Family Tai Chi Chu’an, Tai Chi Sheng Gong, Tai Chi Chi Gong, Wuji Yuan Gong, Iron Shirt Chi Gong, and Empty Standing Chi Gong. He is approved to teach in the system of his mentor and holds meditation teaching certifications from the Universal Healing Tao (500 hr) and the Cultivating Emotional Balance Project (180 hr).

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