Porch & Parlor Plans Lush Interior and Early 2019 Opening

In May, Russ Graham and Tom Powers announced they leased the space and would open Porch & Parlor, making it the third in the local restaurant portfolio that includes Flight and Southern Social. The plan was always to offer upscale dining, but researching the building’s history led them to reconsider the interior design.

“We’re embracing when the building was built, which was during the Belle Epoque era,” Graham said.

The restaurant food at upscale places during the era was rich—think oysters Rockefeller and lobster Newberg.

“We’ll pay homage to the food of the era,” Graham said. He’s a New Orleans native with a fondness for the old restaurants of his hometown from the décor to the French cuisine. It’s fair to say Porch & Parlor was at least in part inspired by some of these.

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