Off to Cuba!

This is just one of the five new cocktails rolled out by Babalu Tapas and Tacos in Overton Square this summer. The new drinks were created under the direction of Lisamarie Joyce, a bar consultant you've probably never heard of and frequent guest of Bar Rescue, which you probably have. She became a bartender at 15, and has been one ever since, worked for TGI Fridays and created training programs and films for bartenders. "I don't do anything over email," Joyce says. "It's all 'human touch' training."

Babalu wasn't in any real need of rescue; they just wanted to shake up the cocktail list. "I don't just come up with a new menu," Joyce says. "I like to make a partnership with the company, talk to the employees, the guests. I do secret shopping. See what works — I collaborate with the staff to come up with a new menu."

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