Stopping by Bayou Bistro

While tiny food items and hilariously named drinks can be cool sometimes, that newness leaves some of us craving a real bar, the kind where the bartender rolls his eyes and people don't ask for chasers. Fortunately, Overton Square is still home to one such bar, attached but separate from the Bayou Bar & Grill. Formerly named Le Chardonnay, it went through a couple additional name changes before the owners settled on the Bayou Bistro. Those of us who frequent it, however, still refer to it affectionately as Le Chard.

Le Chardonnay has existed alongside the Bayou for the entirety of the Bayou's existence, tucked away in the corner to be enjoyed by those in the service industry well before Overton Square started looking like a carnival ride. It's a secret hideout from the glitz and specialty burgers; it's a simple place to enjoy beers for under $3 and avoid guacamole completely. The thing that's most appealing about Le Chard is that it's a bar for those who just had "one of those days." It's dimly lit, its ceilings are low, the music doesn't suck, and it's only open at night. You can squirrel yourself away in a corner with a whiskey neat and rest assured that the only person who will bother you is the one guy whose day was worse than yours. On top of that, your bartender will likely commiserate with you.

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