Exclusive: Overton Square brands courtyard, launches movie series

New York may have Times Square, but Memphis is getting Chimes Square.

The courtyard at Overton Square's new brand plays off the bustling New York intersection and nods to the courtyard's wind chimes — one of the largest sets in the world.

"We wanted to create a better sense of place," said Ciara NeillLoeb Propertiesmarketing director. "It's such a catchy name we can say it and people know what we're talking about."

In conjunction with the new brand, Loeb is kicking off a free film series on most Thursday nights, with the rotating themes of kids, date night, comedy and drama.

“To really sell this branding change, we are partnering with the Woodstock Wind Chime Co. out of New York,” Neill said. "I called them out of the blue and asked if they wanted to sponsor and now they are partnering with us.”

For the first movie night, Loeb is giving away three Woodstock Wind Chimes, limited edition Chimes Square cups with each beer or soda purchase, as supplies last, and a pair of movie tickets from Malco Theatres Inc., which is also a community partner.

At subsequent movie nights, attendees can enter to win a movie-themed Woodstock Wind Chime and Malco movie tickets.

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