Explore Bike Share Announces Locations for First 60 Stations

The locations of the first 60 stations for the bike-share system launching here in the spring were announced Wednesday by Explore Bike Share (EBS). 

The stations span from Uptown and Crosstown to Overton Square and Cooper-Young to Downtown and South Memphis. (See all 60 locations at the bottom of the page.)

“We’ve made an organizational commitment to create an equitable system that is affordable, available and sustainable,” Bike Share executive director, Trey Moore, said. “While we believe this site map reflects our mission wholeheartedly, we’re intentionally installing a system with malleable components to allow for potential shifting within neighborhoods or intersections as needed.

“Therefore, if a station is best suited on the other side of the storefront or on an adjacent street, we’ll assess the data, listen to the community and reconfigure.”

Additionally, with two stations in West Memphis, Memphis’ system will be the first in the country to stretch across state lines.

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