Local Pastry Shop 17 Berkshire Coming to Overton Square This Spring

17 Berkshire is a local patisserie offering European desserts such as cakes, macarons, pastries, and chocolates. Originally passion explored as a means of escape from stress, baking has become a way of life for owner and local Memphian Nuha Abuduhair, who has operated the store – which is named after her childhood home – since 2015.

“I grew up in the heart of Memphis and my childhood home is a huge part of who I am today.” – Nuha Abuduhair

17 Berkshire is currently under construction and is expected to open this spring at 2094 Trimble Place in Overton Square. With so many delicious treats, it will be impossible to stay away. In the mean time, you can place orders online at their website.

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