Trying Robata Ramen & Yakitori Bar

Kristina and I rarely take advantage of Overton Square, which is just minutes walking from where we’ve called home since Teach For America’s summer institute ended. With all the high energy of restaurants with live music, like Lafayette’s, and packed seating areas like Babalu with their infamous waiting times (but it was worth it, right?), Overton Square might not always be what we want after a day of being in rooms with 20 voices talking at once sometimes. 

Last night we decided to check out Robata, a cute little ramen place in between Stanley BBQ and Bosco’s. The first time I walked past it I totally didn’t catch it as being another restaurant on Madison Ave., it looked so different and out of place compared with the exteriors of other Overton Square eats. That night, the vibe on patio offered a calm area away from the buzz of other busy bars and restaurants that night, as happy hours were ending.

We decided to sit inside to have some cool air but upon leaving, we realized we could’ve totally sat outside. Even though we’ve been here since June, the Memphis heat still has Kristina and I in fear of inevitable sweat and misery. Maybe next summer I’ll master eating hot bowls of food on steamy Memphis nights like Memphians do.

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