48 Hours in Memphis.

My love affair with Memphis, TN, began when I returned home after college to find my first job. It was like living there for the first time since I worked away during the summer at a resort. I jumped in with both feet, found a lovely home in Midtown Memphis and began discovering all the wonderful things Memphis has to offer.

If you want to see true beauty, plan to visit Memphis when the azaleas are blooming in the spring. The entire city is splashed with gorgeous color. Fall in Memphis is another glorious time to visit as the city is known for its majestic oak trees. Here’s how to spend 48 Hours in Memphis.

After your afternoon, head to Overton Square for a cocktail before dinner. Overton Square was once the happening place in the ’70s then fell on hard times. The area experienced a renaissance in 2014 and is more vibrant than ever. There are tons of choices for a good cocktail, but you can’t go wrong at Lafayette’s Music Room.

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