Lafayette's opens up to Overton Square

Lafayette's Music Room on Friday debuts its new two-sided bars that allow patrons on the patio to see the stage inside and patrons inside to see outside onto Overton Square. Tom Bailey/The Commercial Appeal.

Construction crews on Thursday were completing a renovation to Lafayette's Music Room in Overton Square, even though the long-closed, colorful bar was revived, restored and re-opened just three years ago.

The ownership group led by Tommy Peters -- who also heads the owners of the five B.B. King's Blues Clubs across the South -- decided to open up the front of Lafayette's by inserting two, long bars in the exterior wall.

A roll-down door with glass windows can be raised to expose Lafayette's to the outside on nice days, or be lowered on bad-weather days.

The change not only makes getting a drink easier on a jammed weekend night by adding spots for 60 more bar stools, the new openings -- each 17 feet wide and seven feet high -- are designed to create appealing views looking outside onto the Square and inside onto the music stage.

"Our patios have been a great asset for us,'' Peters said. "We decided to try to make them better by putting indoor-outdoor bars on both levels.''

The two bars, made of cypress harvested in the Hatchie River bottom land, are each double-sided.

Guests sitting outside on the patios can be at the bar to see the stage inside.

Patrons inside can be at the bars to see the often-crowded sidewalks of the rejuvenated Overton Square, Boscos directly across Madison Avenue and a shimmering, sequined mural on Local Gastropub.

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