Where To Find the Best Memphis Pizzas

The battle over who has the best pizza in Memphis isn't nearly as heated as the battle over who has the best BBQ (and how could it be?). That being said, we do actually have plenty of BBQ pizza to appease anyone looking to beautifully conflate the two. The pie’s the limit here in Bluff City, and we're gonna show you why. From Elvis’ favorite joint to James Beard award-winners, this list has the top contenders covered.



Super thin and crispy crust with delicious toppings
Memphis Pizza Cafe has crowd-pleasing, super-crispy, thin-crust pizza that can hold its own against any toppings. Its thinness also allows you to eat twice as much as you could at other pizzerias. It makes a mighty fine buffalo chicken pie, but the local favorite is the Alternative, a simple pizza with no sauce -- save for olive oil -- topped with garlic, tomato, crushed basil, and cheese.

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