Delta Groove Yoga’s Olivia Lomax: FACES of Memphis

Olivia Lomax discovered yoga in high school and used it to help with imbalances she experienced, which were created by repetitive motions in competitive sports. As a young adult with a career in finance, she realized that breathing and meditation practices helped her brain stay focused and energized. Later on, Olivia used the philosophy and lifestyle practices of yoga to help heal and address trauma from her childhood. These life experiences culminated in the desire to teach and share these methods with as many people as possible. And in 2013, during the revitalization of Midtown’s Overton Square, she launched Delta Groove Yoga. The popular studio offers yoga and meditation classes, workshops and healing arts sessions, as well as a small boutique with yoga attire, gifts and healthy drinks and snacks. We are delighted to welcome this inspiring entrepreneur and mother as today’s FACE of Memphis.

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