Trying Inferno Pilates at Bikram Yoga Midtown

I’m not a huge fan of yoga but I love pilates. I didn’t realize that Bikram Yoga in Midtown also offered pilates classes.

They were celebrating National Yoga Month by offering free classes throughout September, and when a friend told me about the Inferno Pilates class, I said “OMG I have to try it now.” I went to their website and saw several options for classes in Midtown and East Memphis. I couldn’t wait to check it out and try a heated class.

The staff and instructors were super friendly upon arrival. I filled out a quick form, rented a mat and towel, and entered into the dark hot room. Since I was new to Inferno Pilates, I placed myself next to the rear door since it was open and a nice cool breeze flowed through. I later learned that it would soon be closed (then I really started to feel the heat). The room was filling up quickly and the instructor, Ashley, flicked on the lights, turned on some great music, and introduced herself.

We started by warming up our spines, moved on to our glutes, then abs, then arms, then cardio, then to a cool relaxing winding down with an inspirational message at the end. Throughout the hourlong class, Ashley made some pretty funny jokes about body image that we could all relate to. It made everyone crack a smile or two, and it gave me motivation to really push through the challenges. Even though there were many new students there, she still managed to give the experienced students a challenging workout, too. Everything was done in 20-to-30-second intervals with mini breaks in between and man were our bodies feeling the goodness of the burn!

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