Finding a stage: How venues impact the local music scene

A variety of quality venues is key to any city's thriving music scene. With some new and freshly renovated venues now open in Memphis, industry insiders have seen an expanding local audience and an improved reputation for national touring acts. 

Memphis has long been known as a city with a hotbed of musical talent. From the earliest days of folk, blues and gospel, to the golden eras of Sun and Stax, to the present, Memphis’ reputation as a “music town” is both indisputable and well-earned.

Now, the lifeblood of any vibrant music scene is the presence of quality music venues - juke joints, nightclubs, theaters, coffee shops, stadiums and everything in-between. Local venues provide Memphis musicians with an avenue to work, develop a following, and hone the craft, and also bring in both well-known and unknown acts from around the globe to town on a nightly basis. Venues provide the opportunity for music fans to experience eclectic offerings in-person. 

Memphis currently boasts an abundance of solid venues, perhaps more than ever before. On any given day or night there are dozens of options for music fans in the area.  Which begs the question: is the market over-saturated given the Memphis population?

“I'm always glad to see venues giving musicians opportunities to be heard by new audiences,” says John Miller, Booking Director for the re-opened Lafayette’s Music Hall in Overton Square.  “While any act can certainly be subject to over-playing a single market, I think an abundance of venues offers the chance to present music fans with choices of what they can hear and discover on any given night.”

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