8 Urban Revitalization Projects Happening Right Now In Memphis

It’s not just a hipster movement. Urban revitalization is a world movement. As society shifts toward urbanization, areas are quickly beginning to renew abused, forgotten, and undiscovered parts of inner cities. Citizens are taking responsibility for their cities, and ownership of the abandoned areas. These regeneration projects demand innovation, vision casting, and planning for future stability.

Ambitiously renewing its core, Memphis is home to a vast list of urban revitalization projects. Check out this list for 8 of those projects:

6. Overton Square

Overton Square was founded in 1969 and has been home to many Memphis landmark businesses, including Solomon Alfred’s, the Public Eye, Bombay Bicycle Club, Gonzales & Gertrude’s, the Hot Air Balloon, Lafayette’s Music Room, Godfather’s Supper Club, Yosemite Sam’s, an ice skating rink and T.G.I. Friday’s first location outside of Manhattan. A failure to maintain and continuity to improve, Overton Square eventually lost its appeal and attraction. It quickly became an eye sore right in the heart of Memphis. Loeb Properties purchased the property in 2012 after citizens’ pleas to see the area’s grandeur restored. Today Overton Square is now home to thriving businesses anchored by three live-performance theaters and a multi-screen movie theater.   It’s a great time in Memphis history to visit The Square, and join in on this revitalization effort.

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