I Finally Tried The Famous Babalu Burger

Ever since taco/tapas joint Babalu opened in Overton Square two years ago, I’ve been hearing about their allegedly amazing Babalu burger. It’s called the Baba Burger on the menu, and people are claiming that it’s one of the best burgers in Memphis.

While I went after Babalu’s opening to try tacos and tapas, there were several other new burger joints that opened in 2014 (see hereherehere, and here) that I didn’t make it back around to try theirs right away.

But I kept hearing about it. And hearing about it. Both online and in person. Y’all really love this Baba burger. These are actual quotes I’ve heard/read:

“It’s the best burger in the city.”

“It’s the best thing on their menu.”

“The Babalu burger is the best thing I’ve ever tasted!”


And so last week, I finally went back to try it. I went at about 2 p.m. to avoid a crowd – it seems like Babalu always has a long line out the door at dinner time. The dining room was barely half-full this late in the afternoon, and I sat at the bar and ordered a Babarita, a Baba burger, and a side of fries.

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