Make Way for More Local Beer in Memphis

Compared to similarly-sized cities like Denver, Seattle and even nearby Nashville, Memphis isn’t exactly hailed as an American craft beer capital; at present, it claims just four breweries and one brewpub. With a bit of perspective, though, the city’s brewing landscape proves far more dynamic than it might at first seem.

But signs suggest that by the time the ABV limit increase goes into effect next year, Memphis may be ready to dive headfirst into a deeper pool of beer styles. When it opened in 1992, restaurant-brewery Boscos gave Memphis its first taste of locally-brewed beer. Back then, co-owner Andy Feinstone recalls, “Educating customers about beer was our goal.” Nearly 25 years have passed since then, and according to Feinstone, “Now our customers often educate us on what they like and what they’d like to see us brew.”

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