Graceland Aside, There’s a King-size Array of Attractions in Memphis

I live in St. Louis, so naturally I’ve been to Graceland: The Memphis monument to Elvis Presley is less than 300 miles away. But recently I decided to hit the road and explore more of what the city has to offer: that is, Memphis beyond Graceland. During a weekend visit, I found art, history, urban cool, good food — and a bit more Elvis.

For dinner, I decided to poke around nearby Overton Square and ended up going to Belly Acres, a family-friendly burger-focused restaurant that boasts nearly every type of meat option for customizing your meal. As I dove into my bison burger (on a whole-wheat bun, with spinach, red onion and sauteed mushrooms) and fries, savoring every bite, I prepared for tomorrow’s day of museum-hopping. First stop: the National Civil Rights Museum.

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