Schweinehaus Brings Southern Flair to German Beer Hall

"Schweinehaus" isn't an old German family name, said David Scott Walker, chef/owner of the Overton Square restaurant.

It means "pig house," Walker said. "We were looking for a name for a German beer hall and I was like, 'Wait a second. We're in Memphis. We love pork. And we love beer. Those are like the two greatest things we have going in this town!'"

The restaurant, located in the now-renovated building that once housed Paulette's at 2110 Madison, offers German food with a Southern twist. "German fare is really heavy, so that's why I had to add that Memphis influence and my own influence to kind of lighten things up. Everybody is a little bit more health conscious these days. We always wanted to go with the concept of a little bit of German, but not completely traditional. I've never been big into doing absolutely traditional food. I think it's kind of boring. You have to put your own stamp on things."

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