The British Invade this Sunday

One of the greatest things about living in Memphis is quite frankly, the music. From the blues beginning to soul sound of Stax and Hi to the Rock-A-Billy of early Elvis, Carl Perkins and the Burnette Brothers, it’s all uniquely Memphis.

Even the local cover bands can be different from other cities around the country. Jeffery and the Pacemakers is one of those bands. They play songs from the sixties, but not just the sixties, they play British invasion material. Songs that you don’t usually hear now days. Songs by artists you would expect like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones but they don’t stop there. They also play the Kinks, the Zombies, the Animals and Gerry and the Pacemakers from whom they take their name. They will from time to time throw in some American groups like the Byrd’s who are true to over all sound of the group.

It’s one of the best music sets you’ll hear this year. When they play you can look around the room and see most of the audience singing along with them. It’s not just a great music experience, it’s a fun family friendly experience. It’s a visit with our past, to a simpler time more fun time.


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