12 hours in Memphis: From Elvis to barbecue

It is impossible to speak of Memphis and not to mention Elvis. And of course you can not spend a day there and not see something related to the king. But the city is so much that is impressive. The city goes through a time of very interesting and exciting renovation (incidentally, all the southern US walks out and about and there should be a must-go 2017). As Muscle Shoals  is a delight for those who love music, but does not stop there: it has great food, shopping and lots of history.

Despite the  Beale Street  is one of the most famous sights of Memphis, and of course, we recommend you go there, our preference for the night is the Overton Square . The place has had its day peak between 60 and 70, but fell into oblivion all from the 80s In 2012, to save the buildings to be demolished, they were bought and completely renovated. The area today is the coolest city, frequented mostly by local, with great places to see art, shopping, eating and drinking.

In Overton Square is the Lafayette's Music Room , a great choice to end the night and with an intense musical programming. The original appeared in the 70s and, although did not last long, we launched career as Billy Joel, Big Star and Barry Manilow. It was recently reopened, and in addition to good live music, passing through rock, jazz and blues, offers great options for southern food in a menu that has poboys , grits and pizzas. Be sure to ask a lot of fried green tomatoes input.

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