Order Up! with Logan: Belly Acres

I was walking around Overton Square one Sunday and saw another new restaurant called Belly Acres and its a farm to table specializing in burgers. Now the name Belly Acres kinda makes me think I am gonna get a belly ache, but I decided to take a chance, fortunately I did not get a belly ache afterwords, phew.

The interior is very nice it really went with the theme of the restaurant, there is a plane flying through the wall, they even have a tractor I don't know if it still runs?

I ordered the bison burger with the normal toppings nothing to extreme but I did get some wasabi mayo on the side and for my side I got homemade chips. Making home made chips really good is really hard, and these just were not to good I had side envoy. Mama's ordered a side of fries and they were the best side even Dad had side envoy.

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