Late Night Noshing in Memphis

Would you order a bowl of ramen noodles from an Italian joint or pick up a fried-rice grilled cheese from a place that specializes in German cuisine? If it's past any respectable person's dinnertime and you aren't going to scarf down a bean burrito in a parking lot in the passenger side of your buddy's Toyota Corolla, you most certainly would. Lucky for you, the creative chefs at two popular restaurants ditch the constraints of their restaurant concepts and switch up their menus for dinner procrastinators and late-nighters.

David Todd, executive chef at Schweinehaus in Overton Square treats his fourth-mealers to something off-kilter and off-menu. "I think late-night eaters get the short end of the stick sometimes," he said, "so it's kind of cool to offer specials and cool new dishes to those who have most likely been serving others in some capacity all day."

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