4-year-old Chef Takes Over Taco Shop

Overton Square restaurant Babalu changed its name Wednesday to Eden's Taco Shop for a special occasion.

A very special guest ran the floor in the kitchen and called the shots. Four-year-old Eden even created her own tasty specialty taco.

Eden said she loves to cook, and may one day be the next celebrity chef. And if you met Eden, you'd never guess she has leukemia. "To be able to do something like this for a little kid, it's just been awesome," said Babalu chef Tim Antigane.

At Eden's Taco Shop, her family will receive a dollar for every taco customers purchase.

Doctors diagnosed Eden with cancer last year. She has been undergoing weekly treatments at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. "Your life is just always at the mercy of cancer," reflected Eden's mother, Nicole Brewer.

Eden's family said the treatment has been rough, so they appreciate everyone's support and they're hopeful for a peaceful recovery. Wednesday, Eden's family and friends hoped to raise $5,000 for her family. To donate, click here

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