Feast for a King: A guide to Memphis' Elvis-themed eats

Elvis loved home cooking — meatloaf, mashed potatoes, biscuits and banana pudding. David Scott Walker at Schweinehaus (2110 Madison; 901-347-3060) is one of the Overton Square restaurants offering a special for Elvis Week (through Sunday), and he’s a long way from bananas as he’s serving barbecue bologna on brioche. The sandwich, which comes with slaw and sauce on it and fries on the side, is called “(You’re the) Schwein in Disguise.”

Across the street at Babalu (2115 Madison, 901-274-0100), they’ll have King creme brulee, the classic custard dessert, here infused with peanut butter, banana and banana liqueur. Need something to wash it down? Try a Jailhouse on the Rocks, made with Zaya rum and Mexican Coke.

Lafayette’s Music Room (2119 Madison, 901-207-5097)serves Elvis French toast on its regular brunch menu but will have it all day every day to help you eat like the King. It’s French toast made with banana bread, topped with peanut butter caramel, maple syrup and pecans. Yolo (6 South Cooper; 901-343-0438) has a peanut butter and banana gelato, banana pudding, and two specialty cupcakes: The Elvis Presley cupcake is vanilla, decked out in sparkles, and there’s also a peanut butter, banana and graham cracker cupcake. At Bar Louie (2125 Madison, 901-207-1436), they’re adding bacon to the peanut butter and banana sandwich. Sweet Noshings (2113 Madison, 901-288-4753), a candy store, has chocolate peanut butter and banana popcorn. Local (2109 Madison; 901-761-3333) goes back to the savory side with a pork tenderloin sandwich with peanut sauce.

Boscos (2120 Madison, 901-432-2222) has the Elvis Special, a fried catfish plate with hushpuppies, creamed corn and slaw, and banana cake that will have even scoffers admitting they can’t help falling in love. The cake has peanut butter frosting, is topped with chocolate ganache and served in a pool of banana Anglaise and chocolate sauce. For something a little different, slip into the Zebra Lounge piano bar (2114 Trimble Place, 901-249-8147) for an Aloha Elvis Cocktail and tunes requests.

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