Best Bet: Vegetable Korma at Golden India

I remember when there were no Indian restaurants in Memphis. My first Indian dinner was at a restaurant in New York. I didn’t know anything about Indian food, so I thought the poori, sort of a puffball-looking fried bread, was my dinner order. I ate so much of it I barely could eat the main course, which was a surprise to me when it arrived to the table.

I’m savvier now, but when I was at Golden India, I found myself eating my vegetable korma straight from the serving ramekin with the serving spoon instead of putting it on rice and eating it with a fork. I just dived in when it came to the table. I didn’t even notice the rice at first.

Vegetable korma is absolutely delicious. I tried some on rice, and I also dipped some garlic naan bread into the serving dish, but I went back to eating it with the serving spoon. I didn’t want to leave a single bite.

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