Overton Square History Tells Story of Aspirations

It’s easy to forget when you see all of the smiling faces in the old photos. They don’t seem to have a care in the world.

But Memphis was far from perfect when Overton Square opened for business in 1970.

The four young founders – the oldest were just 25 – tapped into the long-held yearning of young locals to remake Memphis as a more cosmopolitan place like what they had heard was happening in New York or San Francisco.

Memphians, then and now, are incapable of copying anything without putting a distinct, indescribable Memphis thumbprint on it. So what emerged in Overton Square was a youthful aspiration based on an idea of what life was like in a “better” place – a place that didn’t really exist, at least in Manhattan, where the lone TGI Friday’s was.

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