The 11 Most Essential Bars in Memphis

Once you've exhausted Beale St, it's time to venture out to where the locals go drinking. Memphis tends to blur the lines between bars and restaurants; it seems the best watering holes also have at least one must-eat menu item, while most restaurants offer a full, fancy cocktail menu and craft beer list. Still, there are lots of fine drinking establishments (again, not on Beale St) that fill up weekend after weekend primarily for the booze and bar atmosphere. Since we've already brought you the essential Memphis restaurants, here's your drink pairing: the 11 essential bars in Memphis.

The Boscos bar is like a separate neighborhood pub trapped inside a restaurant. During the day and early evening, committed regulars swig Midtown brown ales and hope to win the daily Cellarman Contest at 5:30pm. Professionals and friends convene around the bar in the evenings for all kinds of craft beer, like the Bombay IPA, Flaming Stone German steinbier, or Isle of Skye Scottish ale, and cocktails, too. If you can't find a seat at the bar and it's a nice day, join the entire population of Memphis on Boscos' spacious, umbrella-filled patio for your flight of eight award-winning beers. 

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