Best Bets for Brunch: Bari Ristorante in Overton Square

Five or six years ago, we finally went to Bari Ristorante because one of our co-workers had been nonstop singing the Italian restaurant’s praises. She just wouldn’t stop talking about the cheese with hay on it. We trusted her recommendation, so we went the restaurant in Overton Square and loved it, too, so much so that we don’t remember our first meal at Bari because there have been so many others since.

And then more recently, we saw an unforgettable post on Instagram about the new Bari Sunday brunch. Specifically, one mesmerizing icing-the-cinnamon-roll video kept looping in our minds. It was exciting to anticipate chef-owner Jason Severs’s take on a brandnew meal, and we were psyched to get our 10:30 a.m. reservation one beautiful, chilly Sunday earlier this fall. 

Of course, we tried a cinnamon roll, and not only was it replete with all the different crusty and soft textures a great cinnamon roll must have, it also was fluffy, yeasty, warm, and not overly sweet. After sharing that roll, we added a Nutella roll to our order for a point of comparison. Flecks of dark chocolate and a subtle hazelnut flavor made this roll even better. Six dollars may seem a bit much for one pastry, but honestly, these rolls would pretty much be worth twenty bucks plus.

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