What to See in Memphis the Second Time Around

Overton Square is a compact area a couple or three blocks long in Midtown Memphis. Yet despite its small size, it has more than a dozen restaurants jammed next to one another, a half-dozen trendy stores, no fewer than two yoga places, a gym, a four-screen movie theater showing first-run and indie flicks and three — count ‘em, three — live theaters.

If you wanted to, you could have an early lunch, catch a matinee, discuss the play or movie over a beer at a brew pub, grab an early dinner at an Indian restaurant (the chili chicken at Golden India is excellent), watch an evening play or movie and then relax over another drink at a piano bar or a cocktail at an ultra-hip Spanish/Mexican restaurant, and never leave the neighborhood.

We happened to visit on a Tuesday night, so we followed our ears and stumbled onto a terrific local blues band jamming at a free event called Bluesday Tuesday. The show was held on a plaza tucked away next to the parking deck. Several of the patrons climbed the steps off one side of the plaza and re-emerged a few minutes later with pizzas from the Memphis Pizza Café to nosh on while they listened.

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