Overton Square Updates & New Logo

Two new articles have been posted recently about Overton Square; one from the Commercial Appeal containing updates on the programming that will enhance the arts & entertainment district, the other from the Daily News with a general update on the project’s status.

Tom Bailey reports on Anna Holtzclaw, the Overton Square Promotional Director, and her presentation to the Memphis Chapter of PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) this past Wednesday.

Loeb Properties figures it’s going to take more than a new parking garage and renovated buildings to make Overton Square a success after construction is complete in the third quarter of 2013.

Success requires the square to be different, Anna Holtzclaw told the local chapter of the Public Relations Society of America on Wednesday. She’s Loeb’s promotional director for Overton Square.

Staking out an “arts district” theme on the retail and dining space goes only so far in distinguishing the place. After all, Memphis has a bunch of arts districts.

In branding the redeveloped Overton Square, Loeb aspires to inject art and even a little theater in the common occurrences of shopping and dining, Holtzclaw said.

Sarah Baker of the Daily News caught up with Loeb Properties president Bob Loeb, to get an update on the overall Overton Square redvelopment. Bob discussed the vacant buildings on the north side of Madison, and the goal of leasing them completely by the end of 2012. The first lease in this area was announced several weeks ago, as Local Gastropub is taking over the former Yosemite Sam’s building at 2126 Madison.

They discussed the new Overton Square logo (above):

With Overton Square’s physical changes comes a new logo from Red Deluxe Brand Development. The design features a royal purple speech bubble with the words “Overton Square – Memphis – ” pointing to the words, “Be there.”

“A logo can communicate an emotion and a vibe and a feel that you can build on,” said Stinson Liles, partner with Red Deluxe. “Overton Square is going to be a pretty exciting place and a pretty active place where lots of stuff is always going on because the way they’re planning to program it.”