Taylor Berger of YoLo: Overton Square Q&A

We recently contacted Taylor Berger, owner of YoLo Frozen Yogurt & Gelato, for a brief Q&A about Overton Square.

His Overton Square location has become a quick favorite in Midtown, filling a niche for local dessert hangout with a comfortably modern vibe. The Memphis pioneer of the self-serve yogurt shop, YoLo is our tenant in three locations: Overton Square, ErinWay, and Park Place.

Loeb: What has been your experience as a store in Overton Square?

Taylor: We have ten stores over three states, and our Overton Square location is by far the most dynamic and profitable. Our customer base is loyal and diverse and extremely willing to try new things; our Overton Square location is our testing ground for new ideas and products.

Loeb:  What do you think the impact of the plans for reviving Overton Square will be?

Taylor: It can only make things better for us. My vision is that Overton Square will become more than just a theater arts district. I envision it as a community center for Midtown and Memphis. I hope the development will entice businesses to open that serve customers all day long, not just for nightly entertainment. This would include yoga and other adult fitness users, and children’s activities such as dance, theater, martial arts, gymnastics, and rock-climbing walls. I worry that the current plan focuses too much on restaurants. While restaurants are vital, the fact is there are already almost a dozen in the area, and Cooper Young has another dozen less than a mile away with other restaurants. There is a saturation point.

Loeb: How has your business been since you opened?

Taylor: Our business started strong and has remained so.

Loeb: What would you tell other retailers who might be considering Overton Square?

Taylor: OS has the perfect mix – central, convenient location and historic charm. People live near it, and they like to go there because it feels good. If you build it, they will come.

Loeb: What do you think Overton Square will be like in 5 years?

Taylor: I hope it becomes the beating heart of Memphis, a gathering spot for all of the city, radiating out to the rest so that Memphis can become the type of destination city it deserves to be.

Thanks so much, Taylor, for your insightful answers and for the contribution YoLo is already making at Overton Square.

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